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Bringing great potatoes to plates near you

Aviko all began with 32 farmers sat around (a rather large!) kitchen table, discussing what to do with their surplus potatoes. And now, 50 years later, we create and deliver high quality potato products for hungry stomachs all over the world.

Our products have been in restaurants and pubs up and down the UK and Ireland for the last 20 years, so chances are, you've probably enjoyed a plateful of our chips or a portion of our sweet potato fries at your favourite pub without realising!

We're passionate about potatoes and we've dedicated ourselves to delicious products that satisfy with every mouthful, from field to plate. We work tirelessly to provide high quality ingredients that you can rely on to give you that professional touch from the comfort of your own kitchen, even if it's just for a Tuesday night in with the kids!

What we aim to deliver

Innovation and creating delectable new ranges that reflect the latest exciting food trends is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on delivering carefully selected ranges that mean you can easily recreate your favourite restaurant dishes at home. Whether it's to impress your other half on date night, or as a treat after a long day at work, we're there to help create something a little extra special, every day.

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