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Since launching its range of chips and potato products into convenience at the end of 2015, Aviko has gone from strength to strength. Sales have grown by a fantastic 566% year on year*.

It's no wonder therefore that everyone is talking about Aviko - especially convenience retailers who have been really cashing in on the brand's popularity and demand. Three retailers talk about why Aviko has been so successful in their stores.

Aviko for retail testimonial

Divyesh and Neha Patel have been running their independent Mini Market store in Englefield Green, Surrey for almost 40 years.

"We are always willing to try something new and see how products progress. When we saw how quickly the products were selling we knew they must be good. When students are buying them that tells me everything. We are now ordering products twice a week and every time we place an order we sell them."

Aviko for retail testimonial

David and Pippa Heritage have been running their independent Barns Green Village Store in West Sussex for 9 years.

"We sell a lot between 5pm-7pm as they're great for busy mums who just need something for that night's tea. Something might have happened during the day or around tea time when they need to visit and they can rely on us to have them in stock. They are also the perfect tea-time product to cook for people staying in caravans at the holiday park near us too."

Aviko for retail testimonial

Oli Broderick is the assistant manager at Johnson of Sandhurst which has been proudly serving its customers in Kent with its unique brand of convenience since 1987.

"From the minute we've had them they have been a good seller. There is good margin on them and the price marked packs do sell very quickly. I think the case sizes are good too. The Sweet
Potato Fries are new and different but our best seller is definitely the Diced Herb Potatoes, they sell very quickly."

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Aviko products are available through leading wholesalers including DWF, Consort, P&H, Eden Farm and JB Foods. Please call Aviko on 0800 633 5611 or email

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